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Made in America

Broken Jarhead takes pride in only offering products made in America by American veterans. We ensure that the wood we engrave, the metal of our coins, and the fabric in our apparel is sourced from the USA and sewn, assembled, and manufactured here at home.

Our customers have made it clear that they don't mind paying a little more for products they know are quality. The products they know are made with precision and care. The products hand-crafted here at home.

To you, we say thank you. And for you, we will continue to provide only the best from the USA.


If it's not made in America, it's NOT Broken Jarhead.

Man Waving American Flag

RED Hoodie


Sobriety Coins

Alcoholism is something veterans deal with - usually silently. Alcohol disrupts our serotonin and dopamine levels which increases anxiety, amplifies depression, and does not fix PTSD.


Many vets do not want to go to AA, but having a token of achievement goes a long way. For these reasons, we created wooden engraved sobriety coins that can be customized however you prefer.


From 24 hours to 24 years, we will help mark the momentous occasions in your sobriety journey.

Custom Wooden Sobriety Coin
Until Valhalla Challenge Coin

Coins & Patches

Stickers and patches are how we started, and we can't stop! But, we take it up a notch - our coins are solid copper or nickel, are forged in the USA, and have as much detail as we can fit on them.

Our patches are meticulously inspected for perfection, and if they wouldn't go on our flak or range bag, we don't ship them. We had an issue receiving a box of patches from our first "US" manufacturer...the box was shipped from China - weird. They were promptly fired, and we found a replacement. Rest assured, whether embroidered or PVC plastic, our patches are all American!


My designs are meant to be objective, yet provocative - making the viewer think for themselves. Many people separate politics and veterans, but since the President is our Commander-in-Chief, the politics affect active duty and veteran military. Therefore, you will see not just military-esque art, but also neutral political pieces.


The government has created a divide between Americans and labeled the sides, but most of us want the same things with differing viewpoints on only a few topics. As a whole, the vast majority want to practice their liberty and be left alone. My art aims to make both sides uncomfortable and draw out the point to think for themselves and stop letting the media, government, or social media tell them what to think.

Woke America