Broken Candles

Brewery Brothers


They may not say it, but men love candles too. Who wouldn't like to smell a good smell - it would be dumb if we didn't like them. From roommate smells needing to be covered to a more manly-smelling mancave - men want candles over Febreeze.

The problem is the majority of candles are too girly for us to want sitting on our desks. We still want a tad of masculinity, and that's where we come in. Strong smells for strong men, with a flare of veteran humor.

While the names are funny, the contents are serious. We use only American organic soy, American hemp wicks, and American-made jars. And since no one likes a weak candle, we spared no expense on the fragrance oil (obviously from America too).

And don't worry - no Soy Boys were injured in the making of our soy candles.

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Now, I have a wife and daughter, and I was raised by women, so I would be shamed if I didn't include the ladies a tad. You won't get as many options,  but you still get the quality! After all, you're probably the ones here buying for our stank behinds!

I hope you enjoy the names and some select scents that are inspired by all the women who raised me and keep me in line today!

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