About Me

My name is Shane Cunningham. I am a former Signals Intelligence Marine, Government contractor, and Government civilian employee. I served on active duty from 2012 - 2017. I left all of that behind to do what I love - shoot! I am a 5-time Marine Corps Expert Marksman, NRA Distinguished Pistol Expert, and NRA Distinguished Defensive Pistol Expert.

Firearm Training


Broken Jarhead's mission is to build our brand around quality firearm training without all the attempts to be a badass. We bring friendly, down to earth training to the table and invite everyone to join. Our goal is to create the highest quality firearm training while maintaining a reasonable price point. 


BJH's vision is to ensure firearm owners have the training they need to ensure proper action if the occasion arises. An untrained gun owner will eventually make an armed victim. You MUST train with your weapon, or you will hesitate when it's time to use it, improperly use it, or use deadly force when it's not required.  

Personal Gun