About Me

My name is Shane Cunningham. I am a former Signals Intelligence Marine, Government contractor, and Government civilian employee. I served on active duty from 2012 - 2017. I left all of that behind to do what I love - design.

T-shirts on Hangers


Broken Jarhead's mission is to build our brand into an American apparel, art, and accessories company that who's products come exclusively from American companies. Our goal is to create the highest quality possible while maintaining a reasonable price point. 


BJH's vision is to speak the quiet parts out loud through art, writing, and any other way possible. We focus on veteran mental wellness and work to eliminate the stigma of getting help and treatment through personal testimony, and engaging with the veteran community on a daily basis.

I was told when I was active that getting help was a sign of weakness - that I should suck it up and push forward. This mentality is what feeds into PTSD. By encouraging tactful, yet unapologetic speech, we hope to shine a light in a dark time a veteran may be having. Be it ridiculous art or hosting the Veteran Podcast Awards, our goal is to push change.

Enjoying the Nature