• Shane

A Glass Case of Emotion! | Podcasting for PTSD will be Celebrated

Being the narcissistic animals Nick and I are, we saw mild success with our new podcast and immediately looked for podcast awards to give us credit. What we found was iHeart, The People's Choice, and a few other small ones all charging crazy entry fees. Our vanity turned to curiosity, so we began looking for veteran podcast awards...and there were none.

Now, we aren't those bro vets who expect there to be free stuff for vets because we exist; in fact we don't even go to Applebee's on Veteran's Day! But we do know that many veterans use podcasting as a therapeutic way to heal by speaking out loud about their experiences. In fact, talking about trauma is part of the healing process, but many times, that healing process is interrupted (i.e. using drugs and alcohol as suppression, being told to suck it up, or just suppressing the trauma and trying to avoid confronting it) and PTSD enters the scene (Psychology Today). Additionally, many people don't want to go to an organized meeting - I know I didn't when I stopped drinking like a camel! Therefore, many veterans turn to podcasting.

Since we found no veteran awards, we did what any alpha-Marine would do, and created one: enter the 1st Annual Veteran Podcast Awards, or #VeteranPodcastAwards for you hip killers.

Now, this won't be run like the military where you have a gung-ho, shit bag Major writing himself up for a Bronze Star. No, no, this will all be ruled only by listener voting! Entry will be FREE, and podcasters will be competing for 1 of 19 Golden War Hammers (what says veteran and podcasting better than a bludgeoning tool with a microphone engraved??), and a new Shure SM7B microphone! So be sure to check out the awards!

We initially planned to hold the virtual awards ceremony on September 30th since it is International Podcast Day, but another awards ceremony is being held on that day. So...again, we did what any red-blooded, frosty ass American Veteran would do, and bought a day - #NationalMilitaryPodcastDay.

We paid the fees, filed the paperwork, and boom, military podcasters have a day - October 5th! We chose the 5th since October 6/7, 2001 was the beginning of Enduring Freedom (6th staging, 7th movement). So before a day of remembrance, we will have a day of celebration for those military podcasters speaking their minds, promoting their brands, or doing weird shit on air!

Whatever the reason is that you have a podcast, we want to celebrate it and encourage you to keep going! If you are using it as therapy, we see you, and respect what you are doing. It takes courage to open up, and you are respected for being a trailblazer. "Never stop, never stopping!"


Shane is the co-owner of Broken Jarhead. Broken Jarhead is here when morale is mandatory. Bringing military apparel and gear made by veterans in the USA. Check out our moral tactical patches, stickers, challenge coins, shirts, hoodies, and more at www.brokenjarhead.com. If it's not made in America, it's NOT Broken Jarhead!