Remember Everyone Deployed

Remember everyone deployed

Our inaugural clothing line will have subtle RED flare to honor those deployed. Our hoodies will feature red paracord drawstrings and our leather hat patches will be hand-sewn with red wax leather stitching. 

Too many people have abandoned the RED tradition for one reason or another, and we would like to revive it in a fashionable way. There's nothing wrong with honor AND style!

Also, for every piece of apparel sold, we will be donating a pair of socks to our brothers and sisters overseas!


In keeping with our commitment to bring the best quality made in the best country, we've ensured that EVERY piece of our products (down to the shipping box) is made in the USA.

Additionally, as many of our processes as possible are accomplished using veterans, military spouses, and/or military parents. You can't buy the care and attention to detail these awesome people put into product. They create them as though they were making it for their family - becuase in a way, they are!


  • Paracord Drawstring - Mil Parent

  • Drawstring Aglets - Mil Spouse

  • Seamstresses/Seamsters - Veterans/Mil Spouse/Parents

  • Leather Engraver - Veterans

  • Apparel Tags & Stickers - Veterans