What do we teach?

While tactical training is our passion, there are many gun owners that need the basics, so that's where we start. Will more be added later? Yes. Currently we teach NRA courses that will help Marylanders obtain the certifications required for purchasing and beginning their training journey.


Current Certified Courses:
Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL)
Maryland Wear and Carry Permit
NRA Basic Pistol


Current Private Training:

Intermediate Pistol Tactics (stance, hand placement, 2-handed shooting, 1-handed shooting, Dryfire/Live Fire Drills, shooting around barriers, etc.

Advanced Pistol Tactics (Movement under fire, uncommon firing positions, kit creation, night vision shooting, low light shooting, house clearing, close quarter combat (CQB), etc.

Beginner Rifle (building, tuning, suppressor applications, loads, reloads, stance, hand placement, etc.

Intermediate Rifle (Drills, laser training, recoil management, faster shots, etc.

Advanced Rifle (night shooting, low light shooting, room clearing (CQB), etc.

Coming Soon:
NRA Basic Rifle

NRA Personal Protection In the Home
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home


We cover the basics of the course, and try to give you a little extra tactical knowledge to practice on your own and think about as you use your weapon.


What makes us different?

There are a plethora of instructors out there, most of whom are spectacular teachers and shooters. What we like to do is take our military background, with the NRA course material, and make you feel well rounded at the end of your course.

Sitting through instruction can be tedious - especially if the instructor is reading you slides. We teach, we don't read slides...you could do that yourself. We engage with our clients, answer questions, throw some curveballs, and ensure our shooters are better shooters after the class than before they came in.


Do I bring my own weapon?

Yes, you may bring your own weapon to qualify with, or borrow one of mine. Loaners options include a Glock 19, Glock 43, Taurus TX22, and Sig Sauer XCarry. Do not bring weapons or ammo into the classroom.