Firearms training coming soon...

Who Are We

I am a former Marine who served during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Inherent Resolve. After an Honorable Discharge (phew), I became a government contractor, and then government civilian employee. I rose quickly and found myself moving from the NSA to Pentagon before tiring of the bureaucracy and retiring early at the ripe old age of 35. I now shoot and do graphic design full time and will begin firearm instruction shortly. My wife, also a former Marine, will assist in the ladies only courses we will host.

What We Believe

Owning a firearm is a constitutional right AND a heavy responsibility. I see many people spend mad money making that Gucci Glock and leave none for ammo and training. While I love a slick looking boom stick, training with it is vital if you don't want to become a victim or shoot the wrong target in the fog of war.

Why We Instruct

We believe owning a gun without training will make you an armed victim.


We realize training can be expensive, daunting, and make people fearful of judgement. We will provide quality training at a reasonable cost, and ensure all those questions you think are dumb, are answered.

Building Your Weapon?

Building tip:

If you are building your weapon, remember to ask yourself with each purchased part, "would I want this in a gun fight?" If that sight is $200 cheaper than a proven sight and your answer is "no", wait and save for quality.