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My business partner and I started Broken Jarhead to boost morale through crappy art slapped on stickers, patches, apparel, and other stuff; and to bring awareness to the problems vets face quietly every day. We started The Broken Podcast as a way to say the quiet stuff out loud - such as alcohol abuse, getting mental help when needed, etc. in hopes to end the stigmas that are often associated with those topics. It's simple: 2 Marine Vets. 2 Random Topics. 15 Minutes flat. All our topics are fan-submitted in hopes that vets will submit rough things to discuss anonymously.

When studying the statistics and marketing strategies that go along with podcasting, we noticed there were no awards for Veteran Podcasters. Or, if there were, they didn’t advertise very well. So we created the Veterans Podcast Awards! We saw other award offerings requiring a registration fee, but knowing many vets are doing this as therapy and may be strapped for cash, we are offering it for free.

We get contacted by vets who are thinking of quitting or are disheartened they have no listeners. We think this will help give them something to look forward to and keep cranking out episodes. Now, we ARE looking for good content, but the listeners will deal the final hand since it’s all listener voting.

We have a local, vet-owned trophy company designing our trophy, and the winner of each category will be mailed one after the virtual awards ceremony!

And no, we aren't registering...that would look mighty fishy...Stay frosty, and good luck!

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